ELECTION EXPENSES: Frost spent $5k on signs, $3k for Towndale’s postage

ELECTION EXPENSES: Frost spent $5k on signs, $3k for Towndale’s postage
Cornwall City Hall

CORNWALL, Ontario – It cost Coun. Brock Frost a whopping $5,170 for election signs leading up to the October election.

The multitude of signs that turned heads during the municipal campaign are detailed on his election expense filing that has been deposited with city hall.

Candidates have until March 27 to file their expense forms.

In all Frost spent $9,542 on a successful bid for a city council spot, including $3,000 on advertising.

Coun. Justin Towndale rung up nearly $9,000 in campaign expenses, including more than $4,000 in advertising, signs and brochures, which was combined with nearly $3,000 it cost to mail out campaign material.

Some of his expenses were mitigated by $1,500 in contributions from his parents, Angelo and Margaret Towndale, as well as another $400 from other campaign supporters.

Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy spent $5,651 in a successful bid for the top spot at city hall. Signs and brochures cost the mayor about $4,000.

He received about $2,300 in individual contributions from family and supporters.

Coun. Andre Rivette ran a much smaller campaign, dropping $1,900 in all. He spent about $280 in advertising and another $1,200 for signs.

On the flipside, Guy St-Jean’s failed bid for city hall cost more than $6,200. He spent $3,350 on signage and nearly $1,000 on a campaign launch at a downtown Cornwall restaurant.

Councillors Maurice Dupelle, Bernadette Clement and Carilyne Hebert have yet to file their expenses.

The expense reports can be found by clicking here.

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