Emergency house fire support

provided by gofundme
Emergency house fire support
Aerial photo of the fire in South Glengarry on Thursday, November 9. (Photo : gofundme)

We need help. My name is Nicholas and on Thursday, November 9, 2023, my mother Lynn Larochelle, her husband Bernard Locken, myself and my partner Breanna Lefebvre-Brisson lost everything. The neighbour’s house and propane tank caught multiple houses in our neighborhood on fire. We lost the house, our cars, our belongings and clothes, we are seeking any possible support to help us get our situation figured out and to buy some necessaries.

Luckily everyone is okay but we have to restart from scratch. We need support as we have no where to go, no vehicles and no clothes on our backs aside them the pj’s we fled in, and our 2 dogs and cat.

We are grateful for anything you can do to support us. A gofundme page has been set up.


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