Fire closes Peanut Line railway bridge

Image of Shawna O'Neill
By Shawna O'Neill
Fire closes Peanut Line railway bridge
Burnt wood on the Peanut Line. Photo submitted.

LANCASTER, Ontario – No bystanders were found in the area of the Peanut Line trail, east of 4th Line Rd. (County Rd. 23) when it was engulfed in fire on Monday, Aug. 5.

When South Glengarry Fire Service responded to the blaze, the structure was fully involved.

The Peanut Line trail, formerly a railway bridge, will now experience a long-term closure from 4th Line Rd. East to the Quebec border. The wooden portion of the bridge was completely destroyed in the blaze and the steel supporting structure is set to be asses for stability. Re-opening details will become available as the bridge structure is reviewed.

For any information on the blaze, contact Dave Robertson, Fire Chief, at 613-347-2500 or

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