Freezin for a Reason

Chad Bissonnette, Special to TC Media
Freezin for a Reason
The 2016 Zumba Carolling team.

CORNWALL, Ontario- For the seventh straight year, Christal Bowen will be hosting her Freezin for a Reason Zumba Caroling on Dec. 15 from 6p.m. to 8p.m. The donations raised will be going towards supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters.

This year, the event has found its way back to Sunrise Acres. Whether you live there, are visiting family or wanting to check it out, all are welcome to stop by.

“There will be a record breaking 50 people this year going door to door.” said Christal Bowen. “We will be dancing to a mix of Zumba music as well as Christmas music. People will either pay us to stay or pay us to leave, either way it is for a good cause.”

For those not able to be present for the event but still wish to donate, it has been asked that you leave a note on the door in which you left the donation.

“We are hoping to raise as much money as we possibly can for this organization.” said Bowen. “The Big Brothers Big Sisters organization is one that is very close to my heart. To see all the work they do around the community is amazing.”

The dancers will also be accompanied by a few guests including Nathan Carr from the 104.5 radio station.

It will be a fun night of laughter, dancing and depending on the weather, a night to be “Freezin for a Reason”.

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