Frost launches Canadian Organization Against Libel and Slander

Frost launches Canadian Organization Against Libel and Slander
Cornwall Coun. Brock Frost (pictured) posted a video on YouTube on July 14

By Adam Brazeau 
CORNWALL, Ontario – Cornwall Coun. Brock Frost has released a video announcing the creation of a non-profit organization aimed at tightening laws related to libel, slander, defamation, verbal abuse and online bullying.

In the two-minute-and-one second YouTube clip posted on Tuesday (July 14), Frost launched the Canadian Organization Against Libel and Slander.

Watch the video here.

“The entire purpose of the organization I have founded is to protect victims of unnecessary and cruel defamation and to punish those guilty of such offences,” Frost said.

The rookie councillor spends the first 42 seconds listing accusations leveled against him over the past two years, including British spy, loan shark, illegitimate father and murder for hire.

“I understand that being a public figure comes with public criticism, but the level of lies and gossip I’ve experienced is something of a different magnitude,” he said. “I’m pretty thick-skinned and the majority of comments don’t really affect me. I find it rather sad and pathetic to be honest. But there are many individuals whose lives have been dramatically affected due to similar defamation and verbal abuse.”

Frost encourages the public to contact him if they have also been victimized. But there is no website link or e-mail for the organization provided with the video, which was posted on his YouTube page. As a city councillor, Frost’s contact information is available on the City of Cornwall website.

“It’s time that the lawmakers in our country recognize that libel and slander legislation, as well as the Criminal Code of Canada for that matter, are outdated and unable to protect the citizens of Canada,” Frost said. “Everything needs to change now. If you have ever been a victim, please tell me your story.”

The day the video surfaced, Frost also posted the following message on social media:

“In two weeks, I will be publishing an online petition via a new non-profit I am creating – the Canadian Organization Against Libel and Slander. The petition will have the following purposes:

A) Amend the Criminal Code of Canada to allow proper enforcement of Sections 300 and 301, or the creation of new sections that properly address these criminal offences.

B) Amend the Libel and Slander Act to include all types of defamation such as media, social media and online media.

C) Improve the level of support available for victims of these offences including civil litigation against offenders.

D) Amend the Bankruptcy Act to disallow any judgments incurred as a result of libel or slander from being dissolved in a bankruptcy.”

Frost has not responded to emails and calls for comment.

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