Glengarry Councils Support Reviving the Glengarry News

Provided by the Township of North Glengarry
Glengarry Councils Support Reviving the Glengarry News

On the evening of September 14th, 2023, the Councils of South and North Glengarry convened a joint, private council meeting to address the recent announcement of the closure of the Glengarry News.

Established in 1892, The Glengarry News has upheld an unbroken 131-year tradition of publication. Founded by Col. A.G.F. Macdonald, it was continued stewardship under his son, Eugene, and eventually, Neil Macdonald, Eugene’s son, served as the newspaper’s final president before its closure last week.

South Glengarry Mayor Lachlan McDonald emphasized the newspaper’s vital role, stating, “The Township relies on The Glengarry News to disseminate crucial information to our residents, including planning notices, community events, and service updates. Some of our residents lack access to social media platforms and depend on the newspaper for essential information.”

The significance of the Glengarry News extends beyond community news, serving as a historical repository. The weekly newsprint contributes significantly to preserving the historical heritage of Glengarry, making archival information an essential responsibility for both townships. This commitment has been evident through the dedication of both Councils to the Glengarry County Archives.

The outcome of the meeting was a shared commitment from both Councils to actively support and assist in the search for investors to revive the Glengarry News. North Glengarry Mayor Jamie MacDonald underscored the importance of a locally run community newspaper, stating

“A locally operated community newspaper is indispensable to Glengarry. We have witnessed an outpouring of support and interest since the closure announcement, prompting us to come together and explore ways in which the Council can contribute to the newspaper’s return to publication.”

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