Green for Life supports North Stormont

Provided by the Township of North Stormont
Green for Life supports North Stormont
Pictured are Greg van Loenen (left), Craig Calder/CAO (middle), Mayor Jim Wert (right).

NORTH STORMONT, Ontario – North Stormont Township received a significant financial boost today in the form of a contribution of $614,000 from Green for Life (GFL) Environmental Inc. as part of a long-standing host agreement with the municipality.

Greg van Loenen, Environmental Compliance Officer with GFL presented the Cheque to Mayor Jim Wert at the township office today, July 13th, 2020. The monies were provided via the GFL Host Community Fund. The Township of North Stormont recognizes GFL as a valued community partner. This funding stream is a much needed monetary infusion to the municipality with the continued annual decreases in provincial contribution thru the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund.

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