Greens pick Jeanie Warnock as SDSG candidate

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By Nick Seebruch
Greens pick Jeanie Warnock as SDSG candidate
Green Party candidate Dr. Jeanie Warnock. Submitted photo.

CORNWALL, Ontario – On Monday, Aug. 23 the local riding association for the federal Green Party announced that they had selected Dr. Jeanie Warnock as their candidate in the riding of Stormont, Dundas, South Glengarry.

Warnock received her Ph.D in English Literature from the University of Ottawa. She is one of ten siblings and grew up on a sugar-bush and beef farm.

She worked as a lecturer at the University of Ottawa prior to stepping back from her career to focus on her school-aged son, her elderly parents as well as focusing on environmental issues.

In addition to the environment, in a statement to media, she also stated her focus on mental health issues affecting youth due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Unless you have private insurance, it’s difficult to obtain therapy or counselling for your child. But as we start to deal with the after-effects of the pandemic, treatment for youth’s mental health should be as easy to access as physical care,” she said.

“Ultimately, we need to provide opportunities for our children and youth, whether that is a child in a rural community with little access to mental health supports or internet; a recent immigrant in Cornwall starting school in Canada for the first time, or First Nations youth striving to fulfill their potential on their own terms,” she later added.

Addressing climate change however, is Warnock’s stated top priority.

“Severe climate change, habitat loss, and species extinction will dramatically alter, perhaps destroy, the world my son and his generation will live in,” she said.

Warnock also called on more support for Indigenous communities.

“As well, the recent unmarked graves at residential schools are a moral imperative that calls us all to make concrete actions of reparation–it’s not enough to post “Every Child Matters!” on our FB page; we have to work to support our indigenous communities, including the Mohawks of Akwesasne,” she said.

Warnock is the third official candidate to be running in the 2021 federal election since it was announced on Aug. 15.

Other candidates include incumbent Conservative Eric Duncan, and People’s Party candidate David Anber who had previously announced his candidacy on social media.

The local Liberal riding association has announced that they are vetting former police officer Denis Moquin, but have yet to make an official announcement. Likewise the local NDP riding association has yet to announce their candidate.

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