Ground-breaking ceremonies for new North Stormont facilities

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Ground-breaking ceremonies  for new North Stormont facilities
Ground breaking ceremony for the Moose Creek Community Centre. submitted photo


NORTH STORMONT, Ontario – The Township of North Stormont broke ground recently on a pair of facilities that will enhance public safety and expand community engagement and inclusion.
Ground-breaking ceremonies took place in Moose Creek recently to mark the construction of a new Moose Creek Community Centre on St. Polycarpe Street, as well as the new Crysler Fire Hall. The facilities have been budgeted to cost $3 million and $900,000, respectively.

The new expanded Moose Creek Community Centre will facilitate re-engagement among rural village communities, increase personal interactions to improve and maintain mental health and promote a location that can host physical and communal activities.

“Moose Creek has historically been one of North Stormont’s most active communities and this new facility is expected to facilitate further community gatherings, build local relationships and improve overall health and wellness within the village and our beautiful township,” said North Stormont Deputy Mayor Frank Landry.

The new Crysler Fire Hall will replace the current aged structure with a modern facility that will augment fire services in North Stormont, and contribute to a renewed sense of pride for the volunteer fire service.

“This new fire hall will address emerging growth in our township,” said Landry. “Our volunteer firefighters are an essential part of the township family. They provide life-saving and property-saving activities that our residents have come to rely upon. The new fire hall adds to their ability to complete effective training, while also housing equipment and improving the overall firefighting infrastructure in North Stormont.”

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