Heather Megill receives SDSG Liberal nomination

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By Shawna O'Neill
Heather Megill receives SDSG Liberal nomination
Photo from Heather Megill for MP SDSG Facebook page.

CORNWALL & SDSG, Ontario – The Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry (SDSG) Federal Liberal Association has announced that Heather Megill will be the Liberal candidate in the next general election on Oct. 21.

“I believe in the need to represent the core values of the residents of SDSG in Ottawa and those values are best exemplified within the Liberal Party of Canada,” said Megill in a press release.

Megill was also the Liberal candidate in the 2018 provincial election and has run in past municipal elections. She also ran for a City Councillor seat in 2018. Megill is a retired Upper Canada District teacher and has been involved in a number of community activities throughout the years. She is also a retired officer with the Canadian Armed Forces, having served with the SD&G Highlanders. She successfully completed the Team Trudeau Nomination Process in SDSG.

“I’m humbled and proud to represent this party and the concerns of my fellow residents as we continue to build on the progress we made over the last four years. In this election, Choose Forward,” she said on social media.

Chairperson of SDSG Federal Liberal Association Claude Poirier said in a press release that the campaign has rented a headquarters, ordered signs and believes that Megill will be the next MP for SDSG, especially as there is no incumbent in the running.
“I’ve heard from a number of residents in the riding who see a need for improved services for senior citizens, while working with all levels of government including the First Nation community of Akwesasne in addressing these needs and other concerns such as infrastructure improvement, and environmentally sustainable economic development,” said Megill.
Megill is the fifth candidate nominated in SDSG. Eric Duncan has been nominated by the CPCs, Sabile Trimm has been selected by the PPCs, the local Green Party candidate is Raheem Aman and Kelsey Schmitz is the NDP candidate.
To contact Megill, call 613 360-8257 or heathermegill@gmail.com or Claude Poirier at claude.o.poirier@gmail.com.
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