HelloFresh! Hello to great meals that support the WDMH Foundation!

Provided by the WDMH Foundation
HelloFresh! Hello to great meals that support the WDMH Foundation!
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Winchester – Everyone wants to eat healthy food that is easy to prepare. The WDMH Foundation has a new fundraising program to help with just that!

“We have partnered with HelloFresh and we are exciting to offer this new program to our local communities,” says Justine Plummer, Manager of Direct Mail and Events. “It’s easy, fun and fresh!”

The Foundation will receive a donation for each person who signs up for Hello Fresh meal delivery using a special promo code — HELLOWDMHF. The promo code unlocks an offer for new customers to get seven free meals across their first three boxes.  The Foundation receives a $10 donation for every new sign-up and for every box ordered. Funds will be directed to the Family Care Fund, supporting families just like yours.

And even better news!  HelloFresh is doubling the donation during the month of September.

“Back-to-school season is a perfect time to try a meal kit,” adds Justine. “It’s a stress-free way of planning dinner since you are saving time and money on weekly meals, and you support health care close to home at the same time.”

“Plus, they’re good!” adds Managing Director Kristen Casselman. “You tend to get a bit more food. Mine were two meals, and I usually got three. The ice packs are reusable and are super handy to keep on hand.”

Check it out at www.hellofresh.ca and thanks for your support!

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