Hollyhocks Bring Happiness for Dundas Manor

Provided by Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation
Hollyhocks Bring Happiness for Dundas Manor
Some of the beautiful hollyhocks in Lauree Laing’s garden on Main Street in Winchester.

The saying goes that from tiny seeds grow mighty trees – but for Dundas Manor, it’s actually hollyhocks! Dundas Manor staff member Lauree Laing had a creative idea to raise funds for the new Dundas Manor and it just kept growing – pun intended!

Lauree has been selling hollyhock seeds from her own garden to help create beautiful gardens everywhere. And it’s working. To date, 35 packets of seeds have been sold, raising almost $150 to help build the new Dundas Manor.

“Little seeds make a big difference and we can’t wait to see the results of everyone’s planting in the spring,” says Campaign Assistant Cindy Ault Peters. “Thank you to Lauree for this unique fundraising idea. Every bit helps as we all work together to build the new Dundas Manor.”

“I’m a proud member of the Dundas Manor Dream Team and was pleased to help out in a way that was special to me. I had a hopeful goal of $100 for this little adventure, so I’m very happy,” adds Lauree. “I hope everyone will share pictures of their sprouting hollyhocks as they grow. It will be great to have more hollyhock blooms in the area soon!”



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