HORSE WHISPERING: Rachel’s Kids funds rides for children with autism

HORSE WHISPERING: Rachel’s Kids funds rides for children with autism
From left are Rachel's Kids board member David Murphy

CORNWALL, Ontario – For children with autism it can be more about what they can’t say, than things they do.

Jennifer Fullarton’s daughter Karli, who was diagnosed with autism at a young age, is non-verbal, but a toy horse set at home has shown mom a window into a desire her little one may be trying to articulate.

“She stands over the top of it and she pretends she’s riding it,” said Fullarton. “It might be her way of saying she wants to go horseback riding.”

It looks like little Karli will get her chance now.

Rachel’s Kids has provided $5,000 to secure time for local children on the autism spectrum to enjoy some time atop a horse at Brave Hearts’ therapeutic horse program in Apple Hill.

The funds will be provided to the Upper Canada local of Autism Ontario.

“Studies show horse therapy is quite helpful for children on spectrum,” said Fullarton, one of the members of the Upper Canada local.

Brave Hearts has been helping children with anxiety, learning challenges, sensory impediments and even those who are bullied, work through their issues with some help from a collection of four-legged friends.

“I’ve seen so many positive changes in children,” said Brave Hearts’ Christine Miller in an earlier interview..

Kim Lauzon, executive director of Rachel’s Kids, said helping young people who are grappling with autism is important.

“We want to make sure all local children and their families know about this program,” she said.

For more information contact Lauzon at 613-933-3946 or

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