JUSTIN TOWNDALE: Jobs and growth key to future

JUSTIN TOWNDALE: Jobs and growth key to future
Councillor Justin Towndale. Seaway News file photo.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Seaway News has reached out to all the candidates running for city councillor in Cornwall to answer questions concerning the future of our city. We are running their answers, verbatim, throughout the campaign in this online series, ‘Ask the candidate’.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Justin Towndale is up first to answer questions for our online series ‘Ask the candidate.’

1) What do you feel is the top issue a new city council must tackle in the next four years, and how would you go about addressing that issue?

Jobs and Growth. The city needs to not only ensure that our current residents have jobs, but that we also have jobs that will attract new residents to the city. There are three ways the city can achieve this goal. The first is by actively pursuing companies to set up operations in Cornwall. The second is to partner closely with the provincial and federal governments to ensure that they promote Cornwall when trying to bring new companies to Ontario. The third is to encourage local entrepreneurs by ensuring that they have the support and financial assistance that they need.

2) What do you offer, as a city council candidate, that your opponents do not?

I spent five years working at Queen’s Park, getting to know the ins and outs of politics at the provincial level. I learned who to go to for specific requests and how to get things done. Living in Toronto for twelve years, accompanied with my work, exposed me to new concepts. I can bring fresh new ideas, and forward thinking. Some ideas from larger cities like Toronto can be scaled down to work in smaller cities such as Cornwall. We can learn from other muncipalities across Ontario.

3) What needs to change, or remain the same, at city hall to make Cornwall an even more prosperous community?

I believe that as the elected leaders of Cornwall, the City Council should always set the example. Transparency and accountability are important at City Hall. This is why I’m calling for the expenses of City Council to be posted on the city website. I believe that this is the first step towards improved transparency and accountability. The people should know how City Council is spending tax dollars at all times.

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