Lancaster rail crossing selected for rehabilitation this year

From the United Counties of SD&G
Lancaster rail crossing selected for rehabilitation this year
Photo of the damage at the Lancaster railroad crossing. Submitted photo.

THE COUNTIES, Ontario – Each year, the Canadian National Railway Company (CN) identifies level traffic crossings across its network which require rehabilitation to maintain a smooth and continuous crossing surface that is adequate for road users and for continued safe railway operations.

CN has advised road authorities, including Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, that maintenance of the crossings is scheduled to be included in CN’s 2022 Crossing Maintenance Program.

The maintenance work will include rehabilitation of the existing structures in order to renew the supporting components of the crossing including damaged rail, track ties, fasteners, removal and replacement of existing track ballast and removal and replacement of planking or pavement. The work planned for this crossing includes replacement of the track structure while ensuring smooth and continuous crossing surface and approach. This will ensure continued safe public road access and railway operations.

The rehabilitation project will require a full road closure for the grade crossings outlined below. Vehicle and pedestrian access is not permitted during the entire duration of the work.

The exact timing of the work is still being determined, but SDG will provide updates when information is made available.


  • Highway 34 (Lancaster, South Glengarry)
  • County Road 8 (South Dundas)
  • Flagg Road (South Dundas)
  • Brinston Road (South Dundas)
  • Broken 2nd (South Dundas)
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