LAUZON WINS: Fought two campaigns, including fight against wife’s cancer

LAUZON WINS: Fought two campaigns, including fight against wife’s cancer
MP Guy Lauzon addresses supporters while his wife Frances looks on.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Veteran local MP Guy Lauzon fought two campaigns in this federal election – he’s won one, and is hopeful about the other.

Lauzon cruised to another election win, with more than 6,500 votes separating him from second-place finisher Bernadette Clement Monday night. Lauzon told supporters he faced an uphill climb on two counts.

“For the last 120 days, we’ve had another campaign,” he said, referring to his wife Frances’ cancer diagnosis four months ago and his voice cracking a bit. “That took the wind out of our sails – for about eight hours. Then we decided we would go on a campaign to beat this.

“If you think we had a victory today, we’ll have a helluva lot bigger victory over this.”

His wife will undergo her final treatment Tuesday, but in the meantime Lauzon is savouring a fifth straiight election win. He last tasted defeat more than 15 years ago.

“You Conservatives know how to party. And tonight is party night,” he said to cheers from supporters.

But his election win Monday night is bittersweet. Lauzon will sit in opposition as the Justin Trudeau Liberals steam-rolled the country.

“I lost some great colleagues,” he said. “Our government has made this government so proud on an international stage.

“I’m going to hold the Liberal government’s feet to the fire. They better damn well do as good as we did.”

The Conservative author of five-straight wins was the envy of challengers Bernadette Clement (Liberal), Patrick Burger (NDP) and Elaine Kennedy (Green).

I have no regrets. It was a younger team, mixed with experienced supporters from previous campaigns, and we worked together beautifully,” Clement said, adding she was pleased with the national results. “People want change. They want new leadership, they want open, accessible, and energetic. That’s what they’re going to get with Justin Trudeau.

With all 242 polls reporting Lauzon garnered 27,041 votes, Clement 20,450, Burger 4,333 and Kennedy 1,192.

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