Libraries, not just for books anymore

Nick Seebruch
Libraries, not just for books anymore
Pictured from left-to-right are Karen Franklin

UNITED COUNTIES of SD&G, Ontario – The SDG Library is growing its collection, and not through the acquisition of more books.

Instead, the Library has chosen to diversify with a whole new item collection.

SDG Library is now offering a Library of Things, which will contain non-book items that library members can borrow and enjoy.

The first items that will be added to the SDG Library of Things will be musical instruments.

“Thanks to one of the Library’s biggest advocates, Bill McGimpsey of The Cooperators, and his generous financial support for this project, we were able to purchase six acoustic guitars, complete with straps, tuners, chord books and cases,” said Karen Franklin, Director of Library Services. “We were also able to leverage some technology funding to purchase an electronic piano. We are now hoping to add ukuleles to the collection, to help round out our offerings. The idea is to give the public the opportunity to borrow a musical instrument, which in turn may encourage people to want to learn more.”

In addition to allowing members to borrow these guitars, they can also take lessons through ArtistWorks courtesy of the SDG Library.

“By focusing on instruments that combine melody, harmony and rhythm, we hope to inspire borrowers’ creativity, and foster their interest in music,” said Franklin.

Along with the musical instruments, the SDG Library is also adding 15 hot spots to their Library of Things. Library members can borrow these “MiFi” devices and take them wherever they need internet.

The Library cites these new initiatives as ways that the organization will stay relevant in the modern world.

“While the promotion of literacy is still the core objective, the techniques, services, and technologies used to achieve this objective might surprise those who have not visited a library lately,” the Library states in a press release.

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