‘Little changes’ expected at Cornwall Target distribution centre

‘Little changes’ expected at Cornwall Target distribution centre

CORNWALL, Ontario – There will likely be some tweaking at a Cornwall distribution centre as Target Canada makes changes to its logistics apparatus.

A Target spokesperson said Wednesday in an interview improving processes in its logistics arm, which includes a distribution centre in Cornwall operated under the 11 Points Logistics banner, will be undertaken to improve the company’s standing in Canada.

The Canadian Press reported this week one of the biggest problems Target continues to have in Canada is with “lumpy inventory,” with some items being overstocked in some stores while others are regularly out of stock.

CP further reported Target has struggled with filling store shelves from its distribution centres in Milton and Cornwall, as well as Calgary.

“We have things we need to fix,” said Eric Hausman, spokesperson for Target, in an interview. “We’ll continue to improve our supply chains.”

The 11 Points distribution centre in Cornwall employs hundreds of people and is located in the industrial park.

It has been open for a little more than a year.

Hausman could not get into specifics about what exactly will have to happen at the distribution centre to improve efficiencies, but suggested changes will have to be undertaken.

“It’s a lot of little things that add up to a big thing,” he said.

For example, if Target theorizes that it takes eight days to ship a product, when in fact it takes 10, “we need to update our expectations,” said Hausman. “Otherwise we think we’re two days late all the time.”

The spokesperson was quick to point out there are no problems with “the people, the distribution centre or the location.

“But there are processes and practices we need to work on.”

Target has had a difficult time breaking into the Canadian market, opening more than 100 stores in just one year.

Company officials now concede Target should have started smaller, and ironed out problems, before introducing a grand expansion.

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