Local Francophone community share humour, diversity

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By Shawna O'Neill
Local Francophone community share humour, diversity
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CORNWALL & SDG, Ontario – Our local French-Canadian Association of Ontario (ACFO-SDG) is proud to offer young Francophone adults the opportunity to network and share a laugh through the successful initiative of Concours LOL-MDR Desjardins!

“Already hundreds of young people have discovered their potential in humour now, at university, college or in the job market and many want to earn extra income during their studies or pursue a career (in comedy). Celebrating Ontario’s Francophonie in a different way, while creating networks of young comedians and presenters (is) pure innovation,” read a statement in an ACFO-SDG press release. 

Since 2014, the ACFO-SDG has been hosting the initiative, which never fails to offer new services and projects for young adults, ages 19 to 30, interested in various forms of comedy. Comedians have the opportunity to be accompanied by professional coaches and Francophone leaders, as well as a mentor from the National Humour School who specializes in career management. Comedians are expected to have fun and highlight key moments of the Francophone community through engaging anecdotes and stories together. 

“(The mentor) is himself the manager of the international star comedian ‘Sugar Sammy’ and will introduce (comedians) to the industry and Conseil de la Coopération de l’Ontario and mécènESS will inform them about business development,” read a statement in an ACFO-SDG press release. 

The network of presenters interested in humour, created by Réseau Ontario, will welcome performances designed by talented young Francophone comedians through this initiative. Podcasts, extracts of sketches, an E-book and more forms of original content will be produced to celebrate the Francophonie and promote youthful, humorous writing. These creations will be shared on social media and will aim to reach a number of people, organizations, businesses and institutions to ensure the preservation of French jobs, language and heritage. 

Getting the Francophonie going, while living all the facets of an entrepreneurial experience including experimentation, collaboration, management and support, will allow young people, presenters and participants to understand the multiple aspects of this Francophonie…what better way to celebrate Ontario’s Francophonie than to share and promote, through laughter, the importance of the French language and its heritage?” read a statement in an ACFO-SDG press release. 

To find out more about initiative offered through ACFO-SDG, visit their website here.

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