Local Tim Hortons support Rachel’s Kids with Smile Cookies

Nick Seebruch
Local Tim Hortons support Rachel’s Kids with Smile Cookies
Kohen Paschek making some Smile Cookies at the Tim Horton's on Boundary Road (Nick Seebruch/ Seaway News).

CORNWALL, Ontario – All of the Tim Hortons’ in the Cornwall area, as well as the one in Lancaster are giving the money raised from the sale of their Smile Cookies this year to Rachel’s Kids.

Rachel’s Kids support sick kids in the Cornwall an SD&G area.

One such kid who has been helped by Rachel’s Kids is Kohen Paschek.

Kohen is 4-years-old was home recovering from his fight with advanced brain cancer when Rachel’s Kids bought and built for him a special playe centre in his backyard.

The play centre was specially designed so that it was more easy for Kohen to navigate.

Kohen was not able to go out to other jungle gyms or play structures while he was recovering because his immune system was weakened by his treatment.

“Giving the gift of play is the most amazing gift anyone could have given him,” said Kohen’s mother Jessie McDonald.

Each smile cookie costs $1 and 100 percent of that $1 will go to Rachel’s Kids so they can help sick children in Cornwall and SD&G.

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