SIU finds no criminal act in officer involved collision with cyclist

By Nick Seebruch

Published on September 26, 2018

The province's SIU is investigating the collision that occured on July 27. (Nick Seebruch/TC Media).

CORNWALL, Ontario - A 33-year-old cyclist sustained a serious shoulder injury after he was struck by an unmarked police vehicle on Second St. just east of McConnell Ave. on Friday, July 27.

According to the Special Investigations unit (SIU), they believe that no criminal act was committed by the officer driving the vehicle.

“The evidence establishes that the officer had a momentary lapse of attention and at a minimum, made a right turn not in safety," said Director of the Special Investigations Unit, Tony Loparco. "However, while the injury sustained by the cyclist was unfortunate, it did not result from any criminal act on the part of the officer. The officer’s driving did not rise to the level of dangerous driving under the Criminal Code. Accordingly, I have terminated the investigation into this incident.”

The unmarked police SUV was turning right onto Millville Ave. when the cyclist was struck with the front right-end of the vehicle. The cyclist was knocked off of the vehicle and thrown to the pavement.