Making Each Day Better for Our Patients

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Making Each Day Better for Our Patients
The latest Commitment Award recipients are (l-r): Dr. Alexandra Scott, Eve Campbell, Sarena Flude, Lindsay Rimmer and Tara Fawcett. (Photo : WDMH)

Latest Commitment Award Honorees Announced

The latest Commitment Award winners at Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH) have been described as team members who make each day better for patients and colleagues. Congratulations to Dr. Alexandra Scott, Volunteer Tara Fawcett, Ward Clerk Eve Campbell and Registered Nurses Sarena Flude and Lindsay Rimmer.

Dr. Alexandra (Alex) Scott is a valued hospitalist at WDMH, demonstrating excellence in care and teaching.  Her nominators describe her as “a collegial, respectful member of the WDMH team, communicating effectively with everyone around her, including patients and families”.  She supports her colleagues and both our hospitalist and surgical assist programs by being always ready to step in when things become busy or when sudden schedule changes are needed.

Volunteer Tara Fawcett likes to have fun, particularly in her role of delivering juice and snacks to inpatients. “She approaches her duties with warmth, empathy, and genuine concern for their well-being,” explain her nominators. “Whether she’s delivering a simple snack or engaging in conversation, Tara’s compassionate nature shines through, making patients feel valued and cared for during their time at the hospital. She even uplifts spirits by wearing fun costumes on holidays!”

“No matter how crazy things may get, Eve continues to have a positive attitude and is uplifting to the team. She never backs down when faced with a challenging situation. She always goes above and beyond for our patients, visitors and staff and will help in any way she can.” That’s what Ward Clerk Eve Campbell’s nominators say about her work. “From the moment patients walk towards our unit, Eve’s warm smile and unwavering positivity greets them, setting the tone for their experience. Her infectious enthusiasm uplifts both visitors and staff alike, infusing each day with a spirit of excellence.”  Plus, she treats everyone to homemade baking!

Sarena Flude and Lindsay Rimmer both work on the Complex Continuing Care Unit and have been instrumental in driving positive change within WDMH’s nursing environment and enhancing the overall patient experience. By questioning existing practices, they have identified and implemented significant improvements in patient care. They have also fostered a culture of engagement and support within the team.  “Sarena and Lindsay’s contributions have been nothing short of transformative,”note their nominators.

The WDMH Commitment Award shines a light on individuals or teams that demonstrate the values that result in compassionate excellence.

Congratulations to all the nominees!

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