Marc Benoit to seek NDP bid for provincial election

Provided by Marc Benoit
Marc Benoit to seek NDP bid for provincial election
Marc Benoit.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Local NDP organizer, freelance reporter, and former St. Lawrence College international student advisor, Marc Benoit, will be seeking the nomination for candidacy for the Ontario New Democrats for the upcoming provincial election.

Benoit, 29, grew up in Russell, ON, attended Carleton University and later moved to Cornwall to study journalism at St. Lawrence College, graduating in 2015. Proudly calling Cornwall hime since 2013, Benoit believes that an individual’s efforts to serve their community is essential to social wellbeing.

In 2014, during his term as president of the Cornwall Student Union, Benoit worked alongside Cornwall Transit to reduce annual fees for students using local transit services by introducing the annual and semester bus passes for students. He can trace his advocacy for transit services back to 2010 when he first became politically involved advocating for light rail in Ottawa.

Since that time Benoit has worked with SLC’s international students to help new residents to Cornwall find housing, access employment services, and become familiar with their new community. Additionally, he has also been a freelance reporter for both the Cornwall Standard-Freeholder and Cornwall Seaway News since 2015.

“I strongly believe in Andrea Horwath’s vision for Ontario,” says Benoit. “The Ontario New Democrats’ plan for our province is the only one that makes sense for people like me, that is people who have to work to get by, and for the province’s fiscal sustainability. You might say we have big promises that people need, but we also have a plan to fund our programs responsibly, without putting the onus on working Ontarians.”

“Also, like Andrea, I believe that Government can and should have a positive role in people’s lives. Government should be about giving people the opportunity to build a good life, no matter where they are in Ontario, or when this province became home. If you’ve never voted for the New Democrats before, or if it’s been a couple of decades, I invite you to check out our plan for the province and take a serious look because we don’t need to choose between bad or worse. We can vote for Change for the Better on June 7.”

The Ontario NDP EDA for Stormont–Dundas–South Glengarry will be holding their nomination meeting on May 8, 2018, at 7:00 pm at the Navy Veterans Association, 30 Sixth St. E., Cornwall, ON.

Members in good standing can vote and encouraged to attend. Media personnel and interested members of the public are also strongly encouraged to check out the nomination meeting.

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