MARROW AND SPICE: A farmer’s market with a permanent foundation

MARROW AND SPICE: A farmer’s market with a permanent foundation
Marrow and Spice owner Mike Merriam is flanked by Lee Theodore (left) and Roger Caron at its 812 Pitt street (Unit 40) locale.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Think of it like a farmer’s market – with a foundation, four walls and a roof.

Marrow and Spice opened days ago on Pitt Street in Cornwall, promising a return to the fundamentals of food, with everything from hot sauce to honey and meat products that have all been produced within a 100-km radius of the Seaway City.

“It’s seasonal, of course,” said owner Mike Merriam, a Finch-area pork, beef and honey producer who opened his business in Cornwall because of what is believed to be a high demand. “People were telling us Cornwall needs something like this.”

The plan is to source only options from producers within 100 km of the city because Merriam believes going with locally-produced food is more than just a passing fad.

“It’s my belief the producers are so busy producing that they don’t have the time to concern themselves with marketing,” he said, adding that’s where Marrow and Spice comes in.

Gordz Hot Sauce coming (Dalkeith) has some fiery fare, Road Apple Ranch (Finch) has some dark honey and Zengarry lactose free cashew cheese (Alexandria).

Marrow and Spice also includes take-out meals, with a wide-variety of soups, salads and other authentic creations.

The operation can be followed on Facebook.

A grand opening for Marrow and Spice will take place March 4 from 4 to 8 p.m.

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