More long-term care beds announced for Cornwall and SD&G

Nick Seebruch

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Ministry of Health and Long Term care is funding the creation of at least 122 new long term care beds in Cornwall and SD&G.

Of the 122 new beds, 95 of those will be added to Cornwall’s Parisien Manor, brining their total number of beds to 160. As it is now, Parisien Manor is more than double its resident capacity with 65 occupied beds, and an average wait list of 25 people.

Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry MPP Jim McDonell announced the new beds at Parisien Manor on the morning of Friday, May 4.

McDonell praised the Manor for the hard work they do to support seniors.

“It is nice to know with the hard work we’ve done over the years, that there is a place like this where we can age with dignity,” he said.

The addition of these new beds will require a remodelling of Parisien Manor with the possibility of building a new site entirely, but Richard Franzke, Director of Operations of Southbridge Care Homes said that Parisien Manor will stay in Cornwall no matter what. Southbridge Care Homes is the company that operates Parisien Manor.

The additional rooms will also require additional staff, and Franzke said that their goal is to have a one-to-eight nursing staff to resident ratio.

“We are pleased to be able to not only maintain long-term care in Cornwall, but through the support of MPP Jim McDonell, expand out capacity by an additional 9 beds,” said Franzke. “These beds will continue our commitment to providing consistent, high-quality health care for Cornwall seniors both now and into the future.”

Next year, Parisien Manor celebrates its 50th anniversary.

The Ministry has also provided funding for 10 new long-term care beds at Heartwood Homes in Cornwall and Woodland Villa in Long Sault.

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