NEW BUSINESS: Once Upon a Dream Boutique opens its doors

By Adam Brazeau 
CORNWALL, Ontario – Professional party princess Stephanie MacRae has made it possible for children to live out their fairy tale fantasies.

Dozens flocked to the grand opening of her new venture, the Once Upon a Dream Boutique at 812 Pitt Street unit 7 on Nov 7.

MacRae, 22, greeted them dressed in full princess regalia.

 “I’ve always been a huge fan of the Disney parks. Not necessarily for the rides, but for the magic that is created within the theme parks themselves,” said MacRae.

“Everything from the music, to the characters, to the decor is done to perfection and it leaves guests feeling like they’ve truly stepped into a fairy tale.”

The Cornwall entrepreneur wanted to create a similar type of magic within the city, and allow for kids to experience a visit with their favourite fairy tale characters.

It began nearly four years ago as Bibbidi Bobbidi Birthdays. MacRae started out with three lower-end princess costumes and has now grown to feature eight different princesses all now with custom-made wigs and dresses.

In addition to providing a mobile party service at her guest’s houses, the Once Upon a Dream Boutique features a party room, the Royal Ballroom, where guests can host their event with one of several princesses within the castle-like decorated room.

“I had always envisioned taking things to the next level and establishing a party palace/boutique to create a truly memorable experience for our visitors,” said MacRae.  “And now that vision has finally become reality.”

Guests can enjoy a story, have a tea party, partake in princess in training lessons, and a variety of other activities.

MacRae’s new spot also boasts two pampering stations where guests can have their hair and make-up done by one of several “fairy godmothers in training,” before visiting the party castle.

Finally, the boutique will feature a variety of novelty princess items for sale, such as dresses, jewelry, and toys. The hours of the store will be announced at a later date.

“At this time, we are available by appointment only. We hope to have the boutique open in December in time for Christmas,” she said.

And don’t worry boys, you haven’t been left out. Party packages fit for a prince are coming soon.

Parties can be booked on weekends by contacting (613)937-0229 or sending a message through

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