No chickens in South Glengarry villages

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No chickens in South Glengarry villages
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SOUTH GLENGARRY, Ontario – At their meeting on May 19, the Township of South Glengarry Council, chose not to allow chickens to be kept in urban settlement areas within the municipality.

“I personally am not in favour of having chickens in urban settlement areas. When chickens aren’t managed properly it causes a lot of issues, whether it be rodents, or disposal of manure,” said Councillor Sam McDonell. “I think there is a lot of space in our municipality outside of our urban settlement area.”

Councillor Stephanie Jaworski however stated that it was unfortunate that a pilot program could not be attempted, acknowledging that while it could be difficult to manage, the results might be worthwhile.

“I ideally would have liked to see a pilot, including in the urban settlement areas. A limited pilot,” she said. “It is kind of perplexing to me that it cities like the GTA, they can make this work.”

Township General Manager for Community Services Joanne Haley explained that up until Thursday, May 14, the Township had received 16 complaints against those keeping chickens in an urban area, and only two from individuals complaining about being unable to have chickens because of the current by-law. After Thursday, a video began to be shared on social media showing a South Glengarry residence with many rodents around a chicken pen and Haley explained that between Thursday and the Tuesday night meeting, many more complaints against chickens had been filed.

“We have had a number of complaints that have come in since last Thursday in one of our settlement areas,” Haley explained.

While council rejected the idea of allowing chickens in urban areas, they did ask Haley to re-evaluate the existing by-law to allow chickens on rural and agricultural lots of any size. Haley explained that she would formulate an amended by-law, conduct public consultation, and return to council with feedback.

No municipality in the United Counties of SD&G currently allow chickens to be kept on properties in urban areas.

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