NOMINATION OFFICIAL: Local NDP will send Burger from the frying pan into the fire

NOMINATION OFFICIAL: Local NDP will send Burger from the frying pan into the fire

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry Federal NDP riding association nominated Patrick Burger as its candidate for the looming general election.

Burger, a resident of Lunenburg, has been an English teacher at John Abbott College since 1997.  He has a Master of Arts Degree in English Literature from Concordia University and is completing his PhD Studies. Burger is fluent in English, French and German and is an executive member of the SDSG Federal NDP riding association.

“It is my belief that the NDP will win this riding of SDSG and form a majority government in Canada,” Burger predicted. “The time has come for Canadians to escape the Conservative and Liberal ping-pong game and have a party that represents all Canadians and not primarily the business interests of the west or the east.”

Burger gave three major reasons for his optimism for a NDP victory.

Suggesting NDP momentum is building, Canadians are finished with the current Tory government and what he considers the progressive policies of his party.

“We have seen a steady erosion in Canadian values, in institutions that Canadians made clear they want, and we have seen ideologically-motivated tax cuts that don’t amount to anything particularly for the people of SDSG,” he said.

Burger dismissed the Liberals as an alternative to the Conservatives saying that “their ideology is similarly market-driven.” 

Brian Lynch, president of the SDSG Federal NDP riding association, said that Patrick Burger would provide strong representation for the residents of SDSG in Parliament.

“Rachel Notley’s smashing victory for the NDP in Tory blue Alberta bodes well for the federal NDP across Canada,” said Lynch. “Election campaigns do matter and the voters will support a progressive platform.”


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