North Dundas municipal councillor resigns

By Phillip Blancher, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter
North Dundas municipal councillor resigns
Councillor Hoy.

WINCHESTER – A first-term councillor from the Township of North Dundas has resigned.

Tyler Hoy resigned from North Dundas council December 1. The township issued a release on December 2 announcing his resignation and that a special council meeting will be held December 7 to discuss options for filling the vacancy. No reason was given by North Dundas for Hoy’s resignation.

“I’m not going to talk about it,” Hoy told The Leader when asked why he resigned from council.

Hoy served three years on council.

In August 2020, Hoy was reprimanded by North Dundas council following his online comments identifying the Black Lives Matter movement as a terrorist group. Hoy did not apologize and said he stood by comments.

North Dundas is the latest municipality to have to fill a vacant seat. The City of Brockville recently added two new replacement councillors following the resignation of Mayor Jason Baker and councillor Leigh Bursey. In Cornwall, Denis Carr was appointed to fill a vacancy following the appointment of Bernadette Clement to the Senate of Canada and Glen Grant replacing her as mayor. Both Brockville and Cornwall opted not to hold by-elections to fill the vacancies, instead appointing the replacement members of council.

Instead of appointing a replacement, North Glengarry township did hold a by-election in Fall 2020 to fill a vacancy left by the death of Alexandria Ward councillor Michel Depratto earlier that year.

Voters across Ontario will head to the polls October 24, 2022 for municipal elections.

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