North Glengarry honours councillor’s memory

Provided by the Township of North Glengarry
North Glengarry honours councillor’s memory
North Glengarry Councillor Michel Depratto.

ALEXANDRIA, Ontario – North Glengarry Councillor Michel Depratto was a devoted community champion who loved the Township he lived in and served. Councillor Depratto was first elected to Council in 2014. He served as the Alexandria Ward Councillor until his death earlier this year.

“Councillor Depratto took great pride in the responsibilities afforded to him and he always made sure that he was available to answer questions and help out his fellow neighbours. He wasn’t afraid of hard work and was always ready to volunteer and help out where needed,” said North Glengarry Mayor Jamie MacDonald.

Councillor Depratto volunteered with many local charities and he was a strong advocate for volunteerism. As President of the Alexandria Lions Club, he helped to organize the annual Canada Day celebrations in Alexandria, and many other events and functions. He volunteered with the Alexandria Glens, the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, the Minor Hockey Association and the Glengarry Soccer League – just to name a few.

When Councillor Depratto passed away on March 14, he left behind a wealth of sadness amongst those who knew and loved him. He also left behind a legacy of kindness, charity and pride in his community.

On May 11, North Glengarry Council voted to rename the Glengarry Sports Palace Community Hall in honour of this legacy. The hall will henceforth be referred to as the “Salle Michel Depratto Hall.” The suggestion was put forth by Councillor Jacques Massie at the April Council Meeting. Last night, Council voted unanimously in favour of the recommendation.

It’s a fitting tribute for a man who worked for many years as a manager at the Glengarry Sports Palace and who had a deep love and appreciation for minor hockey. In addition to his other volunteer work, Councillor Depratto also served as the 2020 First Vice President of Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO). He had been an integral part of the organization and several others, serving in many capacities, including President of HEO Minor, as well as past President of Minor Hockey.

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