North Glengarry seeks to find new homes for stray dogs

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By Nick Seebruch
North Glengarry seeks to find new homes for stray dogs

NORTH GLENGARRY, Ontario – The Township of North Glengarry is dealing with a higher than normal number of stray dogs. To help cope with the issue and find these furry friends a forever home, the Township has posted an animal adoption form on their website.

Jacob Rheaume  the Township’s Director of Building, By-law and Planning says that his department typically deals with about 25 stray dogs every year, but that this year, due to the pandemic, the problem seems to be more prevalent.

“We have also seen an increase in dogs since the pandemic as people were all stuck at home and decided to have a dog for company.  Some of them realized it was not for them, and simply let the dog go, sadly,” Rheaume said in an emailed statement to Seaway News.

Dogs who are picked up by the Township are taken to a new municipally run dog pound, which is heated, accessible and safe for both the public and the dogs. Additionally, the Township has made arrangements to keep stray dogs at some of the local kennels should that need arise.

The adoption program is not funded by the Township, but is designed to be self-sufficient with individuals who choose to adopt a dog paying for expenses incurred by the Township.

“For now the program will operate for as long as it works, residents of North Glengarry seem to be enjoying the program and we are getting great feedback.  As long as we have man power and costs can be recovered, we will continue to work that way for stray dogs,” Rheaume wrote.

The adoption form can be found on the Township website.

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