North Lancaster woman wins $1M in cancer society draw

North Lancaster woman wins $1M in cancer society draw

CORNWALL, Ontario – A North Lancaster woman has won $1 million in the Canadian Cancer Society Daffodil Month Lottery.

Lorna MacLeod will pick up her cheque, and chat with the media Monday at the cancer society office in Cornwall.

She was not immediately available for comment.

But Carolyn Bourassa, community manager for the local cancer society office, said it’s exciting to be dolling out such a large sum of money for a community member.

She added that the draw MacLeod entered is one that takes place every spring in Ontario, but is focused mainly on past entrants to cancer society lotteries.

While anyone can purchase a ticket, MacLeod was fortunate enough to win the grand prize in an event that typically sees more past entrants than newbies.

“There’s no advertising for it,” said Bourassa. “We approach people who have been longtime purchasers of tickets.”

MacLeod received a call from cancer society staffers out of Toronto two weeks ago to alert her to her good fortune.

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