NSFS Fill the Boot with funds for muscular dystrophy

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By Shawna O'Neill
NSFS Fill the Boot with funds for muscular dystrophy
Devon Villeneuve of North Stormont Fire Services on Saturday, Aug. 10 in Monkland (Shawna O'Neill/Seaway News photo).

NORTH STORMONT, Ontario – North Stormont Fires Services (NSFS) were out and ‘aboot’ in the municipality on Saturday, Aug. 10, encouraging locals and anyone passing through to support their annual fundraiser, Fill the Boot for Muscular Dystrophy Canada.

“Once a year, we come out and do some fundraising for muscular dystrophy,” explained NSFS Firefighter Cory Jacques. “We station ourselves in Moose Creek and some of us come here (to Monkland).”

According to Jacques, last year’s fundraiser saw a total of about $2,000 in donations. Many supporters generously dropped coins and cash into the firefighter boots. NSFS stickers were given to everyone who made a donation.

Having worked with the department for four years now, Jacques said that he has participated in the fundraiser every year since, but he believes the unit has been fundraising for the particular cause for numerous years, dating back to 1954. According to Jacques, the department participates and hosts a series of fundraisers for different organizations throughout the year.

“People are very generous around here,” said Jacques gratefully. “It’s mostly for the children…it’s always good to help them out.”

Statistics suggest that over 50,000 Canadians live with over 150 types of muscular dystrophy. Muscular dystrophy, classified as neuromuscular disorders, are a group of diseases that weaken the body’s muscles and breakdown skeletal muscles over time. The causes, symptoms, age of onset and severity of the disease depend on each individual and their exact diagnosis. To learn more about how to donate, visit Muscular Dystrophy Canada’s website here.

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