Off-duty North Glengarry firefighter saves two from burning vehicle

Nick Seebruch
Off-duty North Glengarry firefighter saves two from burning vehicle
The scene of the burning vehicle. Submitted photo.

NORTH GLENGARRY, Ontario – North Glengarry firefighter was off-duty and on his way home from Ottawa on Friday, Jan. 25 when he spotted a burning vehicle on the side of Hwy 417 near Vars.

“I thought the vehicle was just overheated, but as I drove past it to park on the shoulder of the road, I could see flames shooting from the car,” said Shannon, who quickly exited his own vehicle and raced towards the fire.

Shannon saw two individuals struggling to exit the vehicle. He successfully help the two out of the vehicle and brought them to a safe distance away and called 9-1-1.

“Without the training I received as a firefighter, I wouldn’t have known how fast the situation could escalate. When I arrived, there were people standing very close to the burning car. I moved the people back and within minutes, the vehicle was completely engulfed in flames,” said Shannon.

Shannon remained on the scene until the Ottawa Fire Department arrived to put out the flames and care for the two individuals.

Shannon has been a volunteer with the North Glengarry Fire Department for the past year. He chose to become a volunteer firefighter to be closer to his community and credits the training he received with helping him that day on Hwy 417.

“I was very happy to hear that Tristan was able make this incident safer for everyone. Firefighters dedicate an incredible amount of time and effort to learning their craft and it is very rewarding when they can put their training to work and help others. I applaud Tristan for his ability to react safely and appropriately in this situation. I am definitely proud to say he’s one of ours,” said North Glengarry Fire Chief Patrick Gauthier.

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