Opening of South Glengarry Recycling Introduces Plastic Wrap Recycling to Eastern Ontario

Provided by the Township of South Glengarry
Opening of South Glengarry Recycling Introduces Plastic Wrap Recycling to Eastern Ontario
Ribbon cutting for the opening of South Glengarry Recycling on Thursday, August 17th at 19192 Hay Road, Summerstown. (L to R): Jennifer Treverton (Economic Development Officer, Township of South Glengarry), Trevor Bougie (Councillor, Township of South Glengarry, Lochlan McDonald (Mayor, Township of South Glengarry), Brianna O’Rourke-Currier (daughter of Owner), Jason Currier (Owner), Paige Patenaude (Owner’s niece), Stephanie Jaworski (Councillor, Township of South Glengarry), Martin Lang (Deputy Mayor, Township of South Glengarry). (Photo : Joanne Haley)

The new facility sets the stage for significant and sustainable diversion of plastic wrap from the region’s landfills.

SUMMERSTOWN, ONTARIO – South Glengarry Recycling celebrates its opening with a ribbon cutting where owner Jason Currier, his daughter Brianna Rourke-Currier, and niece Paige Patenaude were joined by South Glengarry Council and staff at the plastic film recycling facility located at 19192 Hay Road.

Mayor McDonald expressed, “I believe it is a Native Proverb that says, ‘We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children’. The efforts by South Glengarry Recycling will keep tons of plastic out of our landfills and return it to productive use; ensuring that when we turn the earth to our children, it will be in better shape.”

Jason, a former Marine Mechanic spent four years researching low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic film recycling before investing $100,000 to purchase equipment to collect and bale wrap used for shipping goods, agriculture feed, and marine storage. Jason has diverted an estimated 100,000 pounds of plastic film from landfills since May. While Jason provided visitors with a tour and explained the recycling process, he relayed his next step, “… to double the size of my space and purchase a plastic film recycling line with an underwater pelletizer to convert this plastic into reusable pellets that I can sell to plastic manufacturers”.

The costly recycling unit will take approximately six months to build and ship from China but will make South Glengarry Recycling the only low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic recycler in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, a giant step towards shrinking plastics’ environmental footprint. Jason will collaborate with Cleanfarms, a well-established Canadian organization dedicated to facilitating agricultural plastics recycling to establish drop-off depots outside the SDG area.

South Glengarry Recycling will collect LDPE plastic for a reasonable fee or drop-offs can be scheduled for no charge at 19192 Hay Road, Unit N, Summerstown. Call 613-931-1414 or email to learn more.

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