OPP: Distracted driving deaths tripled since last year

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OPP: Distracted driving deaths tripled since last year
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Ontario – It was a busy March Break for the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) as officers laid more than 2,400 distraction-related charges during their annual Distracted Driving Campaign.

Sadly, OPP-investigated collisions that involved an inattentive driver have claimed 11 lives so far this year – almost triple the number of deaths compared to this time last year (4). Deaths linked to this dangerous driving behaviour continue to out-pace speed-related (9), alcohol/drug related (6) and seat belt-related fatalities (3) in 2017.

The OPP reminds road users that while the campaign is over, officers are committed to distracted driving law enforcement and education year-round. They are again calling on passengers – one of their most influential road safety partners – to help save lives by showing zero tolerance toward drivers who text, talk on their cell phones, or engage in other distractions that endanger their lives and those with whom they share the road. Speak up and be a survivor!

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