‘Pawsitive’ turnout at Cornwall District Kennel Club Dog Show

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By Shawna O'Neill
‘Pawsitive’ turnout at Cornwall District Kennel Club Dog Show
Current top dog in Canada, Tupac, at the dog show in Ingleside on Sept. 1, 2019. Shawna ONeill/Seaway News.

INGLESIDE, Ontario –  Dog lovers could enjoy the presence of 1,570 dogs at Farran Park in Ingleside this weekend during the annual Cornwall District Kennel Club Dog Show.

“We had 1, 570 dogs over the four days; that represents a 32 per cent increase in the average (turnout) over the last eight years,” said Mike Lanctot, President of Cornwall District Kennel Club. “We are really really pleased this year with an exceptionally good entry.”

Lanctot explained that this is a popular season for dog shows, and this particular show has been held in the region for the past 25 years, at least.

This year, the competition was humbled to see the current top dog in Canada, a black newfoundland dog by the name of Tupac, in attendance.

“We’ve got some of the top dogs in Canada here this weekend, and the top dog. To have people with dogs of high caliber here is a compliment,” said Marilyn Boissonneault, Vice President of the Cornwall District Kennel Club. Boissonneault noted that competitors had come from across North America, and some international judges were also in attendance, performing diligent rankings for many consecutive hours.

This year, the event included a new popular event called the Sprinter, which is similar to a Lure, but just a straight sprint forwards. There were also obedience trials, rally trials and conformation shows over four days.

“This year we were fortunate to have the national speciality of both the Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada and the Shar Pei Dog Club of Canada…its a nice thing to host,” said Lanctot. “It was a wonderful weekend, the weather cooperated…and the exhibiters certainly had a great time. We’ve got a lot of positive feedback for next year.”

The competition ran from Thursday, Aug. 29 to Sunday, Sept. 1 this year.

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