Pommier’s piano is open to public

Nick Seebruch
Pommier’s piano is open to public
Andre Pommier plays the piano outside his store at Pommier Square on the corner of Pitt Street and Second Street on a mild October day (Nick Seebruch/ Seaway News).

CORNWALL, Ontario – Pommier Jewelers now has a piano in their Square that is open to the public to play.

Pommier took the piano because it was going to be thrown away anyway.

“The lady who gave it to us said it was either that we take it or that it was going to get the sledgehammer,” said Andre Pommier.

Pommier said that he’s been pleased with the reaction so far from the community.

“A man came by yesterday and played on the piano for an our,” he said. “People would come by and stop and listen. I want people to come and see this piano and play it. I want people from Schnitzels to feel like they can come over and we could have a crowd in this Square listening to music from this piano.”

He did say however that he was considering putting the piano away once the colder weather arrives to better preserve it.

Pommier also asked anyone with any knowledge of how to better preserve a piano outdoors to come forward.

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