Protest at Cornwall Ribfest

Shawna O'Neill, TC Media
Protest at Cornwall Ribfest
Ron Graham

CORNWALL, Ontario – As festivalgoers sunk their teeth into the assortment of chicken, pork and beef at Cornwall Ribfest, vegan and vegetarian protestors appeared for the second time on Saturday, July 28. 

“I love to make people talk,” said Mary Jane Proulx, who has been a vegetarian for 28 years.  “Because when they’re talking, they’re thinking. They’re thinking about what they put into their bodies, and also the torture an animal goes through is awful. We all know that. I got that 28 years ago and I can’t believe other people haven’t gotten it. Just because we are taught to eat meat, pigs, cows, doesn’t mean it’s right.”

Proulx, who also organized the 2017 Ribfest Protest in Cornwall, works alongside the Ottawa Animal Defence League (OADL) and community members. She met members of the OADL during a local circus protest last year, and the organization now protests at Cornwall, Brockville and Ottawa Ribfest events.

Proulx, who is also actively involved with the feral cat crisis in Cornwall, is running for City Councillor during this Municipal Election.

“When there’s a victim involved, I get involved,” said Proulx. “People don’t understand that. There is a victim involved. They have no voice, these animals, so I’m going to stand up (for them).”

Protestors held signs with slogans, ‘You’re eating a pig!! Ewwww!’ and ‘Stop killing them’. They also handed out pamphlets with information on awareness groups and guides to cruelty-free eating.

Proulx said she doesn’t care how many people show up to protest, as long as there is awareness.

“When I see people eating double hamburgers with extra bacon, or three meat poutine it’s the best—yeah, okay. I cringe! It is not only your healthcare system, it’s also my healthcare system, and to me, we know it’s not healthy. Plant based foods are the best way,” said Proulx. 

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