Reader warns of Visa phone scam

Nick Seebruch
Reader warns of Visa phone scam
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CORNWALL, Ontario – A local reader of Seaway News has sent in a tip regarding a phone scam that she was almost a victim of.

The reader, who does not wish to be named out of fear of reprisals, said that she received a call from people claiming to represent Visa Canada.

“These people knew everything about me,” she said. “They new my Visa card number, my birthday, everything.”

She said that they then asked her for the expiration date on her card, which the reader refused to give.

“If they knew all of my other personal information, then why would they need my expiration date,” she said.

The caller on the other end then gave her a 1-800 number for her to call as proof that they were legitimate.

The reader however, called Visa Canada, who told her that they never conduct credit card business over the phone and do not have an office in Vancouver, which the caller had claimed.

The reader wanted to share this story as she believes that these scammers are targeting seniors.

If you have heard of or been a victim of fraud, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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