Snowfall warning issued for Cornwall and SD&G

Nick Seebruch

Published on February 11, 2017
The snow is expected to continue to fall until Monday.

Environment Canada has issued as Snowfall Warning for the Cornwall and SD&G area as a sginificant amount of snow is expected over a fairly short period of time.

Sunday is expected to be the heaviest day with snow starting in the afternoon and continuing until Monday morning.

The colder temperatures that started on Friday are expected to continue throughout the weekend as well, with things getting a little warmer on Sunday.

"Be prepared to adjust your driving with changing road conditions," the Environment Canada Warning reads. "Prepare for quickly changing and deteriorating travel conditions. Surfaces such as highways, roads, walkways and parking lots may become difficult to navigate due to accumulating snow. If visibility is reduced while driving, turn on your lights and maintain a safe following distance. Public Safety Canada encourages everyone to make an emergency plan and get an emergency kit with drinking water, food, medicine, a first-aid kit and a flashlight."