Remembering the Battle of Britain

Nick Seebruch
Remembering the Battle of Britain
Special guest speaker Hon. Col. Bob Chekan addresses the Battle of Britain remembrance ceremony at RCAF Wing 424 on Sunday

CORNWALL, Ontario – The RCAF Wing 424 on Water St. in Cornwall hosted their annual Battle of Britain remembrance ceremony on Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018.

Taking part were members of the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Control Operations (CFSACO), Air Cadet Squadron 325 and Royal Canadian Sea Cadet band 110 from Stormont.

Special guest speaker for the ceremony was Hon. Col. Bob Chekan, a former Brigadier General and 35 year veteran of the RCAF.

Hon. Col. Chekan spoke of the importance of remembering the Battle of Britain 78 years after the event.

“I think the biggest thing for me is it draws me back to the sacrifices they made,” Hon. Col. Chekan told Seaway News. “Days like this always re-introduce an element of humility in what we do. We are so priveleged in Canada for the liberties and the opportunities that these sacrifices made possible.”

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