Renovations to SDG Jail Warden’s Residence complete

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By Nick Seebruch
Renovations to SDG Jail Warden’s Residence complete
Warden's House. (This is a pre-pandemic photo.) Pictured from left-to-right are SD&G Building Maintenance Coordinator Charlie Baker, Allan Armstrong, Carma Williams, Kirsten Gardner, Jim Wert, Lyle Warden, Francois Landry, Tony Fraser, Steven Byvelds, Warden Jamie MacDonald, David Smith, Stephanie Jaworski, and Bryan McGillis. Submitted photo.

CORNWALL, Ontario – The United Counties of SD&G have announced the completion of the renovations to the Warden’s Residence, which is attached to the United Counties administration building in Cornwall.

The renovations which began nearly three years ago involved both interior and exterior work and was completed by Porter’s Historical Restorations.

While the jail itself was first built in 1833, the United Counties authorized the construction of the Warden’s Residence in 1859. The building served as the home for the Governor and his family. Going through many changes over the years, in 1971, the Warden’s Residence was converted into jail cells. It currently serves as the welcome and visitors centre for the SD&G Jail, which is now a museum.

The residence was originally a stone brick building that was covered in concrete stucco in the 1960s. The County originally intended to uncover the brick underneath the stucco, but found that it was too badly deteriorated. The renovated building is designed to closely match the original state of the Warden’s Residence.

“With the removal of the 1960’s era concrete entrance and small windows, the brick work restores the building to its former glory.  This, along with the extensive landscaping that was completed last summer, completely revitalizes our corporate headquarters.  This is certainly a showpiece and is among the finest properties in Cornwall,” said Jamie MacDonald, Warden of the United Counties of SD&G.

Later this year, landscaping work will be done on the front lawn of the Jail and in front of the Warden’s Residence completing the project.

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