Residents Encouraged to Shop Local this Season

Handout from the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce
Residents Encouraged to Shop Local this Season
The Cornwall Chamber of Commerce Office (Nick Seebruch/ Seaway News).

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Cornwall Chamber of Commerce is reminding residents of the value of shopping local this


“Our small businesses employ hundreds of local people and give back to the community by

supporting local charities and minor sports,” says Rory McLennan, President of the Chamber.

“We hope that area residents will return the favour by continuing to support our local stores

and restaurants.”

The initiative is being supported by a number of organizations, including the Le Village and

Downtown Business Improvement Associations and Cornwall Economic Development. A

number of aspects of the campaign will be rolled out in the coming weeks, starting with the

following events:

 Trunk Sale – November 4‐5

 Restaurant Week – November 7‐11

 Shop the Blocks ‐ November 8

“It is important to pause and think about the impact each one of us can have in our

community,” says Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy. “The people who work in local stores and

restaurants are our neighbours, and by supporting local business, you are really strengthening

the community.”

The value of shopping locally is well documented. Every dollar that is spent locally supports in

some way the local economy, including wages and local business to local business commerce.

“Heading out of town on a shopping trip may be a fun experience, but you should always factor

in the hidden costs,” notes Mr. McLennan. “That really great deal may not be all that great once

you factor in the cost of gas and the amount of time you spent to get there.”

Online shopping may seem attractive, but many shoppers do not realize that the majority of

dollars spent with ecommerce merchants offer little to no value to the Canadian economy as

many goods are coming from international fulfillment centres.

“Local merchants can quickly bring in a product that you have found online, or may already

have it in the store,” says Todd Lihou, Co‐ordinator with the Le Village and Downtown Business

Improvement Associations. “Shopping locally also makes it easier to exchange, repair or return

a product.”

More details on the shop local campaign will be available on the local websites, as well as on

social media, over the coming weeks.





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