Scammers looking to bilk Cornwall Electric customers

Scammers looking to bilk Cornwall Electric customers
Cornwall had a real shocker on its hands when 1

CORNWALL, Ontario – Scammers are looking to exploit Cornwall Electric customers.

The utility issued a press release Monday warning residents that individuals are calling and suggesting their accounts are in arrears.

Customers are urged to pay immediately by credit card – getting bilked in the process.

“The calls are coming in from a 1-800 number and customers are being threatened with disconnection of electrical service if they do not immediately pay by credit card,” Cornwall Electric said in a statement. “Cornwall Electric does not demand credit card payment via an outgoing phone call to our customers.

Cornwall Electric’s standard procedure for collections is to provide notice on utility bills and by reminder phone calls.”

After that a so-called “Final Notice of Disconnection” is delivered by Canada Post Express Post Envelope prior to any disconnection activity.

Contact Cornwall Electric with any questions or concerns at (613) 932-0123.

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