SDG Counties pass vaccine policy

By Phillip Blancher, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter
SDG Counties pass vaccine policy
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CORNWALL, Ontario – At a special meeting held October 8, SDG County Council passed its COVID-19 vaccination policy requiring proof of vaccination, or a medical exemption within a week.

The policy, which applies to all employees and volunteers of the county, requires proof of first dose vaccination to be completed by October 15. Medical and religious exemptions are allowed but are likely to be strict in nature like many other municipal policies.

SDG County developed the policy in conjunction with the six lower-tier municipalities in the county so there was consistency across the local governments.

The move comes as all levels of government including school boards implement vaccination policies for employees.

Written proof of full vaccination (two dose) of county employees and volunteers must be provided by November 26. Vaccination against COVID-19 is also now considered a requirement for new employees of the municipality.

Employees with only one dose by October 15 must be tested twice per week until the second vaccination is complete.

For those who have valid exemptions, an accommodation plan will be put into place. Employees who do not follow the county’s new policy after October 15 will be barred from the workplace and placed on unpaid leave, or can use their vacation pay or accrued time off.

Now that the county policy framework has passed, the six municipalities in SDG are expected to adopt the policy at the next available meeting.

This article was originally written for and published in The Morrisburg Leader.

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