SD&G OSPCA gears up for National Cupcake Day

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By Nick Seebruch
SD&G OSPCA gears up for National Cupcake Day
National Cupcake Day photo submitted by the OSPCA.

CORNWALL, Ontario – The SD&G OSPCA is asking the public to do something sweet for our furry friends on Feb. 24 for National Cupcake Day.

The OSPCA is asking volunteers to hold cupcake parties during the months of January and February to raise money for their organization.

To facilitate the raising and collection of funds, the OSPCA is asking people who want to hold a cupcake party on the National Cupcake Day website.

Since it began, the OSPCA has raised $3.5 million through it’s National Cupcake Day campaign. Local Manager for the SD&G OSPCA Carol Link explained the value of the fundraiser for her organization.

“National Cupcake Day is the sweetest day of the year and we’re challenging everyone who cares about animals to get involved,” says Carol Link, Manager, Ontario SPCA Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Animal Centre. “By getting involved and hosting a party or making a donation, you will be changing the life of vulnerable animals locally by raising critically needed funds.”

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