SG considers moving Council meeting to Tartan Hall

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By Nick Seebruch
SG considers moving Council meeting to Tartan Hall
The Char-Lan Rec Centre (Nick Seebruch/ Seaway News).

SOUTH GLENGARRY, Ontario – The Township of South Glengarry Council considered moving their meetings to Tartan Hall on the second floor of the Char-Lan Recreation Centre in Williamstown.

Traditionally, Council had held their meetings in the meeting room at the main Township Office in Lancaster, however, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, they have moved their meetings online to adhere to social distancing protocols.

The Township hopes that the move to Tartan Hall will allow for the resumption of in-person Council meetings, as well as a few other benefits.

Township CAO Tim Mills noted that the current council meeting room at the Township Office took up one-third of the building, and was only used twice a month.

“When you look at that floor plan, you can see a third of our building isn’t being used day after day after day except for Council meetings,” said Councillor Martin Lang.

With Council moving out, Mills presented a plan for a redesign of the office, providing for more boardrooms and private meeting spaces.

“Move to Tartan hall would provide a number of benefits to health and safety, not just to council and staff but for the general public as well,” Mills said.

Deputy Mayor Lyle Warden liked the idea.

“I think we can furnish Tartan Hall to our Township Council needs without disrupting public needs,” he said. “We are out of space in Lancaster. I think this will buy us 10 years from having to move somewhere else.”

Council also hoped that by being in the Char-Lan Rec. Centre that they would see more public participation at their council meetings.

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