SG Council adopts facial hair policy for firefighters

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By Nick Seebruch
SG Council adopts facial hair policy for firefighters

SOUTH GLENGARRY, Ontario – The Township of South Glengarry adopted a facial hair policy for its firefighters at their meeting on Monday, Nov. 15.

The policy was presented by South Glengarry Fire Services Chief David Robertson.

The new policy prohibits firefighters from showing up to work with a beard long enough that would prevent a safe mask seal for their breathing apparatus.

“I’m actually surpirsed there isn’t already something on the books,” said Deputy Mayor Lyle Warden.

Robertson explained that a similar rule was already on the books, but that he wanted to present this new updated version to council and that he would be updating other regulations in the coming months.

“Facial hair is very fashionable at the moment . . . and it is no different in the Fire Service. It’s something a number of members are interested in doing, but the restrictions of the Fire Service and the expectations of the community both on the safety and the responsibilities is not something that we can allow,” Robertson said.

Councillor Stephanie Jaworski asked if the new regulation was in-line with industry standards.

“Yes, this across the board,” Robertson said. “All fires services are mandated to have this type of policy.”

The motion was passed by Council unanimously.

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