Shake-up in South Glengarry administration

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By Nick Seebruch
Shake-up in South Glengarry administration

SOUTH GLENGARRY, Ontario – Township of South Glengarry CAO Tim Mills made a presentation to Council at their meeting on Monday, Jan. 18 detailing his vision for a re-structuring of the municipal administration.

In his presentation, Mills detailed the cutting of three administrative and adding four new positions: Deputy Clerk, Accounts Receivable Clerk, GIS (Geographic Information Systems)  Technician, and Deputy Treasurer.

The positions that will be cut are Communications Officer, General Manager of Infrastructure, and the Economic Development officer.

The responsibilities of the Economic Development Officer will be split between two new positions, the Deputy Clerk, and the GIS Technician.

The responsibilities of the General Manager of Infrastructure’s responsibilities will be folded into the Director of Water/ Waste Water and the Acting Director of Roads and Waste management, both of whom will not report directly to Mills. The current General Manager of Infrastructure Ewen MacDonald will be retiring later this year.

The Communications Officer’s responsibilities will be taken over by the Deputy Clerk.

Additionally, there will be a restructuring in titles and responsibilities of existing positions. The General Manager of Community Services will now become the General Manager of Building, By-Law and Economic Development.

The General Manager of Corporate Services will become the General Manager of Finance and Treasurer, and the Clerk will become the Director of Corporate Services and Clerk.

Mills, who became CAO in late 2019 explained to Council that the COVID-19 pandemic had highlighted the need for restructuring, particularly in areas such as Accounts Receivable, which saw increased overtime in recent months.

Mills also highlighted upcoming projects such as the Roads Survey, Arena Survey, and the renovations of municipal offices as opportunities that encouraged immediate corporate restructuring.

“As leaders in the organization as CAO, and senior staff, and I certainly include Council in on this, it is important for us to embrace constraints. We don’t know what’s ahead,” said Mills. “Certainly we know that there’s been a lot (of money) infused by the province and federal government, but we know that’s not going to continue. Now we have the opportunity with a restructuring and a re-organization to to embrace those constraints and move forward. Actually when you embrace those constraints and look at those constraints we are faced with, we tend to get more creative with things.”

Council applauded Mills for his work.

“I do really appreciate what you’ve done here. I appreciate you did it in house, not just because of the cost savings, but because it shows a strong confidence that takes accountability for the decisions being made,” said Councillor Stephanie Jaworski.

Council approved of Mills’ plan unanimously and directed him to begin implementing it immediately.

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